Jack Lockwood

Hello, my name is Jack Lockwood and I have my own blog site, a kind of diary, where I document incidents in my life – interesting ones, and here it is Jack Lockwood Dairies .  I am a BIA, a kind of criminal profiler who sometimes helps police on major inquiries.  I also write books about true crime.  My work takes me into some unexpected places, I meet some strange people and have a few adventures along the way.   I’ve written a couple of novels about what has happened to me, but in this blog I would like to share a few of the more interesting things that have happened in my life.

I live in the Gatehouse to a (now demolished) mansion, near to Canterbury, a beautiful historic cathedral city in Kent, England.  I converted the old building to a home myself, because in the past I learned various building trades, and still enjoy building and DIY, what Americans call remodelling houses.

I love mysteries, I love animals, and I always like to help people if I can.  Unfortunately I also run up against the occasional bad guy, but I have my own ways of dealing with them.

Watch this space for the next snippet of my life – I think you’ll enjoy it.


5 thoughts on “Jack Lockwood

  1. How far afield do you travel, Jack? Ever have to track bad guys – or building materials – into the mountains of North Wales? Oh, and when you see that Geoff guy, ask him how he is.


    1. Hello Roland, I go all over the place, Paris, Copenhagen, you name it. I mentioned your name to my writer friend Geoff, and he says he and Olga were really sad to have missed seeing you again and meeting your wife, in Kent just before your move, and that he hopes to see you in Wales sometime and hopes that all is well with you.


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