Walking on Sunshine Blog Party

Kind Sue has mentioned me in her blog, and just to add that the third Jack novel SHEER FEAR is on free offer right now

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

So Olga asked if I was going to join Hugh’s party this weekend. Not one to pass up such an invitation, I cast about thinking of who to bring. Sally Cronin had already kicked off the shenanigans on Hugh’s pages, Ailsa Abraham, David Prosser hmm…

So who should I invite? I wouldn’t be able to bring everyone …I’d have to get up a coach party. There are way too many supportive people in our community! Chief amongst those who daily ‘spread the love’ is Chris Graham, of course, but there are more than apes out there who daily support other writers and bloggers… names that are familiar to many, like Barb Taub and Viv Drewa ; Katie Sullivan, Jo and Ronovan…old friends like Alienora Taylor and Gary Vasey, more recent ones like Geoff at Tangental, or Ali Isaac and Jane Dougherty, whose path…

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