Rosie Amber with Terry Tyler: The Z Files

Anything Terry advises is always worth listening to

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aa a a The House of York“I don’t think it’s possible to reblog my posts,” wrote author Terry Tyler, a familiar name on WordPress, even though her blog is based on another platform. Having just published a short beginner’s guide to reblogging, I am happy to prove her wrong (using the methods outlined in the article) and I don’t think she’ll mind 🙂

Here, Terry interviews our own Rosie Amber.

Terry is the author of eleven books of contemporary fiction; her latest is House of York, a modern thriller inspired by events from the era of the Wars of the Roses. You can find all her books on Amazon.

The Z Files: Rosie Amber ~ Leo

Astrology ~ a bit of fun, a load of rubbish, or something to take seriously?

I invited around 70 writers/bloggers to write a piece about whether or not they’re typical of their sign, and how…

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2 thoughts on “Rosie Amber with Terry Tyler: The Z Files

  1. Aha… re the comment I’ve just left on your own blog, Sue – I have now found this! Thank you so much for sharing my Rosie post xxx I have saved your reblogging post to study later on, because I am sure I will want to do it at some point!

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