Update – Gone but not Forgotten

After last week’s blog, so many people suggested others to include, I’ve rounded a few of them up.  Here they are, and remember, these are just a drop in the ocean of talent that’s now Gone, but not forgotten.


The lively, fast-talking fidgety master of comedy, most well known for Reggie Perrin and Rising Damp, but also for spilling glasses of wine across Joan Collins’s lap in adverts, and I believe he had a long lively acting career long before those roles, and after.  His face, voice and mannerisms were tailor-made for comedy.  He was a perfectionist, always striving for the best, and he certainly achieved it.


ImageOne of my all-time favourite comedians, I’ll never forget his ‘gurning’ and bizarre monologues.  He was incidentally an extraordinarily clever man who wrote extensively on abstruse subjects.


Ang ReesLovely, elfin featured and one of the parts she’s most well known for ‘Demelza’ in the old TV Poldark series.  Full of charisma and charm in the many many parts she played to perfection.


ImageFunny voices, funny faces, and manic zany acting style, he was the leading light in all the ‘Carry On’ films.  He was camp before it became fashionable, was the voice of ‘Rambling Sid Rumpole’ and so many others on the ground-breaking radio show Round the Horne. Who could forget his amazing nose, or his inquisitive expressions, or his genuine mateyness?


EricThe joker half of Morecambe and Wise, Wise always played stooge to Eric’s devilry.  Famous for his ‘spectacle waggle’ and his off the cuff asides, and the way famous celebrities were cut down to size – but always in a humorous way.


ImageThe rakish devil-may-care charmer who cut a dash in whatever film he was in.  His memoirs make very interesting reading, he was a war hero, and loved the service life.  Friends with all the famous stars of his day, Marlon Brando, Errol Flynn and others he personifies an era of handsome English film stars who were real-life heroes.


ImageThe original ‘smooth operator’, handsome James Mason always played the supremely clever kind of man, perhaps a mysterious character, often a villain.  With his perfect manners and cut-glass accent he never failed to impress.


ImageBest remembered as one of the ‘Two Ronnies’, he also played a host of comedy parts, most notably as the mean shopkeeper in Open all Hours, and the old lag Fletch in Porridge.  He was also an accomplished scriptwriter, and his skill at anything to do with comedy is legendary.


ImageCannot say much about this great actor, as I never followed his career.  But I’m sure others know what a fine actor he was, and how tragic that he died at only 50.  What a loss.


ImageHe was definitely a ‘one off’, and his 60s shows with Dudley More were wildly popular.


ImageWonderful masterful Hattie Jacques took parts of the large female who was always trying to hook a man, and she always struck the perfect note of liveliness, comedy timing and confidence.  Married to the great John le Mesurier, she was in fact an extremely attractive woman, with a wealth of admirers.  Lively, warm hearted and with a lovely kind face and beautiful smile, she’s the kind of comedy actress with personality that the world will never forget.


4 thoughts on “Update – Gone but not Forgotten

  1. Seeing Peter Cook makes me think of Dudley Moore who I adored. Eric Morecambe, one of my old favourites, and not forgetting his partner in crime Ernie Wise. I used to love Bob Monkhouse and Norman Wisdom. I miss them both. Wow, so many wonderful people. The most shocking deaths in recent years have been Michael Jackson and Princess Diana, in my opinion. Both were way too young and had so much more to give the world. Thanks for the memories. 🙂 X


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