Feedback on what makes you angry

There was a huge list of grouses and moans, proving that the British really are an angry race, railing at the vicissitudes of life, knowing there’s nothing we can do about it, but we all love a jolly good old rant.  I’ve made a new twitter friend who appears to be almost as much of a misanthrope as I am – she knows who she is, and I certainly like her.  No American people made any comments, so perhaps this proves they are nicer, kinder, calmer more tolerant people than us grumpy Brits.

Here are the (anonymous) personal hatreds, ‘in no particular order’ (another irritating TV reality show phrase):

The extent of smoking bans being misunderstood.

Smokers being treated like lepers.

Public opinion being manipulated by the media.

Aspirant ‘artists, writers or musicians’ who just witter on about it and never actually produce any work.

Silly meaningless words, such as mediapreneur, webinar, and internet acronyms (lmao, lol) .

Racism, homophobia.

Parents shouting at their children in public, using profanities.

Dog walkers who refuse to pick up their pooch poo.

People who talk in a cinema.

Those who allow small children to rampage around a coffee shop or café.

Those who impinge on your privacy on a plane.

Tradesman who don’t arrive when they say they will.

BBC news people who introduce the local news saying ‘here is the news where you are’. [They’re not in my living room!]

The phrases ‘I can’t wait for’. [What are they going to do in the interim, go into hibernation?]

Reality show contestants who claim to have ‘been on a journey’.

Those who strip off to vest and shorts on a hot day then run their shaggy-coated dog around the block.

Parents who ignore the 48-hour quarantine rule and bring their sick children to school when they’ve been throwing up all night.

Here’s a couple more I was inspired to think of myself:

Anyone who spits on the pavement.

Anyone who talks in a very loud voice in a public place.

Stand-up comedians – most of them should sit down.  The foul-mouthed ones who use four-letter words and talk about sexy stuff are the worst, they should have their mouths welded shut.

Anyone who holds two fingers from each hand either side of their head to imitate inverted commas – what pretentious twats.

Doctors who say ‘We’re not out of the woods yet’.  [Sounds like an exploration into Borneo, not a hospital ward in Croydon]

Eco warriors who ram the imminent end of the earth and global warming down my throat.  I’m happy using petrol, I don’t care if the timber I buy is from a sustained source and the polar ice caps can take care of themselves.

So let’s shine a light on all this and distil it down.  These angers seem to fall into different groups:

People who feel persecuted, fighting back (smokers, those who feel to be the target of racism, childless adults who are ignored as irrelevant by those with hosts of children who think they should be treated as gods, etc etc).

Misuse of the language, silly words that irritate, meaningless phrases, convoluted logic.

Selfishness and lack of consideration in others (un-arriving tradesmen, inconsiderate parents, unimaginative pet owners, talkers in a cinema).

Anyone who intrudes on our own privacy (in a plane, coffee shop, making a noise that disturbs you).

Well I can truly say with this blog I’ve been on a journey and I can’t wait for your views on my next post which is bound to make me lol.  Maybe I will become a mediapreneur and do lots of lmao ing (whatever it means) and take up smoking so I can blow fumes into the faces of rabid anti-smokers.  Oh and I’ve decided to be a musician, it’s okay because I did take piano lessons when I was five and one day I’ll buy a guitar.

By the way, what surprises you?  I’m compiling a little list of my own. . .


17 thoughts on “Feedback on what makes you angry

  1. I loved both your original rant and this subsequent update. Permanently cheerful people do set my teeth on edge slightly and make me want to feed them salted tea. It’s lovely to see someone else isn’t afraid of a good rant. Go Geoff! 😉


    1. Thanks Bodicia, but I’m afraid I have a confession to make. On the whole I’m permanently cheerful (sorry) so when we next meet for a snack I’ll have to avoid the tea


      1. I think it comes from one of my exes shouting out “Every day’s a bonus” whilst he flung open the curtains at 6am…ten years of that curdled my milk ;D hahaha


  2. As an afterthought, I have to add it wasn’t our relationship he was referring to but rather that he was still alive…for that I can’t fault him, I’d have been grateful and somewhat surprised if I was him too….aww I’m joking, of course. Honestly. 😉


  3. Lots of stuff worth ranting about on this list, Geoff!

    For the record, I don’t believe we Americans are any nicer or more tolerant than you Brits. Our news channels – one in particular – are proof of the vitriol often spouted by those who love to hear themselves talk.

    What makes me angry:
    Useless, uneducated, loud, drunken swine who continually procreate, thereby populating the earth with their warped offspring. Or, in simpler terms, the people who live behind me. 🙂


    1. Darcia – yes!!!! Unfortunately, those ‘people’ are too thick to use birth control, so their number will become larger…. which is why they are outnumbering the rest of the world. This is the real reason for the dumbing down of television and every-bloody-thing – serving the stultified minds of the brain dead majority. Ouch 🙂


  4. I needed this list to help me smile this morning and I couldn’t agree more. I’m going to print the list so my hubby can read it later. It’s sure to bring a smile to his face. We’ve complained to each other many times about many items on the list. He will bring to my attention that ‘allowing private citizens to be fashion police is however missing.’ That’s a favorite of his. Have a wonderful day.


  5. Hi Geoff,
    Really great blog post!
    I’m sorry, but I somehow missed your previous blog on what makes people angry. Like Brits, us Americans tend to have lots that anger us as well. Most every example written in this blog, I can relate to and they do make me angry. Some get under my skin and fester to the point of me talking to myself aloud about it to release a little tension. Hope no one ever peeks in my window, because sometimes I must look like a loon walking around the house talking to myself. However, one of my biggest pet peeves is when I see a Politian on national TV who is telling outright lies and thinks the public is stupid enough to believe them. That really angers me!


  6. I agree with lots of those things but what about this one. My pet hate is celebrities ‘doing the book.’ Publishers throw deals at them out of greed because they know that their name will make them easy millions while the likes of us indies put our hearts and souls into our work only to be rejected because we aren’t a certain million! Grrr!


    1. Yes Sherrie, what’s more some agents just treat you with contempt. When in reality, all they;re doing is living off the back of successful authors. Some agents are nice I’m sure though, but even then they always trot out the ‘I’m not 100% enthusiastic about this’ line. Like TV formats publishers always want to copy what;s gone before, and if there’s something new it’s probably got there by accident. Trouble is, you publish on your own, and getting sales is so hard. Dont know what the answer is


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