Feedback about Fear

A few days ago I asked generally about the fears that people have.  Lots of people shared theirs and here is a brief roundup of what they said (all put here anonymously).  Do you share any of those below?  Can you add anything?

My own:

Heights and the prospect of falling, including gravity being reversed and falling into the sky, a certain type of insanity in other people, the idea of being buried alive.  Probably lots of other things I haven’t thought of.  Ghosts fascinate me, but I’ve never seen one, and I’m sure I’d be terrified if I did.

Random fears kindly supplied by others:

‘Being sick (vomiting)’

‘Living forever as the world gets dumber and more reliant on technology’

‘Flying daddy long legs’

‘Dogs, liver, clowns, beards, evening dress, gas fires and celery’

‘9PM at night, I walked thru the nursing home my mum was at, all the Red call-button lights on, with no responding nurses’

‘Brash colours, loud noises and all things garish are a huge assault on the senses’

‘I think my greatest fear is my imagination. Once I start to imagine a bad scenario I find it impossible to let it go until it is proved that it is just my imagination’

‘Heights, I feel is a very logical fear – you know, you could fall and be in a lot of pain for quite a while if it didn’t kill you. I think all of us fear the possibility of inescapable excruciating pain. And many, if not all of us, fear the unknown’


8 thoughts on “Feedback about Fear

  1. I started reading your ‘Fears’ post the other day and was called away in the middle of it – I’ve only just gone back to finish it. What a great post! Now you’ve added to it in a second blog post I thought I’d reply under this one.

    First of all, your comments about ghosts – I don’t really need to comment because you know all about my feelings there, due to my recent blog posts. Things that go bump in the night can’t always be explained, as you have established recently by the sound of things. 😉 hehe.

    My fears are:

    Moths! They freak me out if they’re in the room. If they’re babies then I can bear them but once they’re an inch or greater I have to leave the room or get someone to remove them for me.

    I’ve recently started driving further afield. For 20+ years I only had the courage to drive in familiar places (within a 10 mile radius of home). In the past year I decided to feel the fear and do it anyway and now I drive to and from my partner’s who lives 90 miles away. I still hate it but I do it and have proved to myself that I’ve got more guts then I ever could imagine.

    My other fear is change. Again though I’ve had to face this fear, what with being made redundant after 28 years. But also, I’ve recently moved to live with my partner which has taken me away from all my home comforts, friends and family. It’s only a trial to see if we feel we can do it permanently and I am incredibly surprised how easily I’ve adapted – more so I think than my partner! It seems his major fear might be living with me but that’s a whole other story! LOL

    Anyway, as always, a great post Geoff! More please 🙂 X


    1. Thanks for saying such nice things Alice. Good that you;re facing your fears and conquering them. And congrats on moving in with your partner – he’s a lucky man.


      1. Thanks for this really interesting. Surely fear is a natural evolutionary adaptation. If we weren’t scared of falling off a cliff the species wouldn’t survive for very long. Why some of us develop severe phobias relating to everyday “safe” endeavours is fascinating to me (although terribly debilitating for the sufferer). My Mother has a phobia of bees and wasps. Now this is natural in my view, being stung is unpleasant, and for a small number of people fatal. However, what drove her to run into traffic to avoid a bee when we were kids? Thankfully no harm done, but how sever must the fear be that you will risk life and limb to avoid the object of your terror? Of course as an aspiring Horror writer I have a somewhat peculiar interest in the subject 🙂


  2. Sometimes I am tempted to rent out my services as spider, bee and snake relocation specialist. Evil, unpredictable people with guns is my logical fear. I am unsure why other people are scared to death too.


    1. Reply to Sheri – yes, as you say our fears do change with time, as we adjust to life, and of course become more attuned to illness in others – when you’re young you feel as if you’ll live for ever. Like your post on erroneous death certificates, going to have a good look at that next


    2. Yes, Morgan, I’m sure we’re all afraid of people who might look innocent, but they are unpredictable, with a hidden weapon. Knives too, concealed, can be very scary indeed I imagine.


  3. Reply to Jeff yes I think bees and wasps is quite a common one, and I suppose your mother was so terrified she just panicked. Good luck with the horror writing, I’ll take a look at your books. I once tried horror – I love reading it – but I couldn;t get used to how you manage logic, for instance, would a vampire drive a car and use a credit card to buy petrol (gas). Good horror writers can tread the line of logic well


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