Feeling guilty, selling too cheap?

I got into a bit of a muddle with wordpress earlier on, all my own fault.  My idea to start the jack Lockwood Diaries, a weekly blog of short stories went wrong to begin with, as I put it on the same blog as this, my own general writing oriented blog, thereby muddling everything up.  Now Jack has his own blog, The Jack Lockwood Dairies, http://bit.ly/Ypjy0h but going straight to it is complicated for me, I must sort things out better. A friend suggested giving my character Jack Lockwood his own twitter account, and I’m sure this is a good idea.  But the ramifications of new email address and fiddling about is more than I want to o bother with right now. And I’ve been tied up with other urgent things, meaning that my usual RT sessions have been halted for about 5 days., and I feel terribly guilty at the kind people who have RT my own two books and the jack Lockwood Dairies.  Especially when I got keen and managed to fit in another story, yesterday, The Fake Pearl Earring. Does anyone think it’s a good idea writing short stories about the key character in my Jack Lockwood mystery series?  The idea is that everyone’s short of time, they might happen upon the blog. Glance at it and maybe read the latest story, then see that the same character features in two full length novels.  I’d almost like to start a debate:  ‘Does Jack Lockwood really exist?’  but I think that’s stretching credulity a little too far, and while there’s a Sherlock Homes Society that’s dedicated to proving the great sleuth was an actual person, I doubt that JL will ever gather enough fans to garner the same manic support. And selling each novel for 77p.  Is that a mistake?  Should I charge more I wonder?  Who knows?I have another email account to which all the bits and pieces that happened on twitter gets sent an email each time, and right now, there must be about 300 unread emails, all with info I imagine I’ve already got on the Connections button on twitter.  But am I ignoring someone who’s writing to them?  How do I repay the people who’ve RT me when I’ve simply ignored them because I;, not there?  Guilt again.I’ve read two great books, Mulligan’s Reach, by @JennieOrbell, http://amzn.to/YzPw88 as well as Two short Stories by @H E Joyce http://amzn.to/YzPMnA , and have reviewed both.  But you can read a book while you eat or rest for a tea break. The only cure for guilt is to do something about it. However I have to rush out now and sort something out. Do other people feel guilty a lot of the time?


4 thoughts on “Feeling guilty, selling too cheap?

  1. Hello Geoffrey—I reckon you aren’t alone on the ‘feeling guilty’ front—I have several Twitter friends who often post ‘guilty’ tweets! I haven’t been tweeting long enough to raise those concerns, but I also reckon that people really don’t mind if their twitter supporters aren’t in touch on a regular basis. We all need to take a break and the whole Social Media phenomenon can overtake our lives if we’re not careful!

    As for your suggestion about ‘mini stories’ featuring your leading character, Jack Lockwood, I reckon that’s a great idea:) Readers might enjoy getting to know him in bite-sized chunks:) As far as pricing goes–well–you know what I think about that, although I reckon we decided there are different levels of pricing for different types of books. Perhaps a half-way house price might be sensible; not cheap as chips, but not over-priced either.

    Good luck with it all.

    All the best, Marina


    1. Thanks Marina you;ve set my mind at rest, and glad you like the Diaries idea. Think I might put up my prices a bit. When I gave away free over 2000 d loads, but a couple of Americans gave horrible reviews, so it hardly helped. Who knows the answer?


  2. Wow …and I thought I was confused! I’m sure your intention wasn’t to make readers of this blog laugh but I’m afraid I did just that. You sound like you’ve thrown all your balls into the air and they are about to fall on your head. I guess I think it’s funny because I can relate to it so easily! On a serious note and to answer the book pricing query – yes I certainly think that a novel for 77p is too cheap. The pros and cons of this are many. But, regardless, my simple answer is yes it is too cheap.


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