Agents have had the upper hand for a long time

Well I don’t seem to be selling many books, but one interesting thing I’ve discovered about many of the kind people who’ve helped me is how many writers seem to love animals, as I do. Stange how many writers seem to love their dogs and cats. Could it have something to do with the silent communication that exists between an animal and a person? You can see a strange dog, smile at him and he smiles back, he usually wants to be your friend. Cats, of course are usually a bit more reserved, but, then no one can tell them what to do – they are the boss. But cats too communicate with a flick of their tail and a glance in your direction if they like you.

As I say I love cats and dogs, also birds. Am, I alone in loving crows? I think crows are wonderful birds: stately, grand and very beautiful, the way they strut along in their black cloaks.

Enjoyed @JennieOrbell blog, as always, though I must say I avoid shopping like the plague. @DarciaHelle kindly interviewed me as a guest on her blog, due to be published just after Christmas, so that’ll be great. Darcia has been a great help and support, as has @johnson_mjj, @TerryTyler4, @mariasavva, Rachael Hale, Truda Thurai and many others.

I am now reworking the next book in this ‘Jack Lockwood’ series that I actually wrote before my latest, Rock’n’roll Suicide, with the same hero, Jack Lockwood. In this one, Doppelganger, Jack falls in love with a woman whom he’s convinced he has a connection with because he recognises her face, as if he’d had some astonishing connection with her, that goes beyond words, as if their romance was somehow preordained. However, when he discovers that the real season he had the ‘footsteps on my grave’ earth-shattering feeling when he first saw her face, he realises it was because Lucy is the spitting image of a girl who was imprisoned for murder years ago, served her sentence and given a new identity (he once saw her picture in a book). That’s the background, but discovering the truth is a much more complicated affair, tied up as it is with Jack writing an ongoing story about ‘The Bible Killer’ serial murderer who has not yet been caught, and evading the clutches of a powerful criminal whom he has offended. As in Rock’n Roll Suicide, in Doppelganger, there are plenty of twists and thrills, and action. I have been told my hero is knocked around rather too much, but my view is, he’s tough enough to take it!

Another idea I had was to write for kindle small books about house repairs – I used to write for magazines about home repairs, building, DIY and so on. Would ‘Damp, rot, and decay in our home – all you need to know’ be a good seller at 77p? Or even ‘How to build an extension to your house – all you need to know’? I’d be interested to know if anyone thinks this could be a good idea.

I would like to know what agents and publishes think about the self publishing explosion on kindle. Are they likely to rush round to successful authors such as @TerryTyler4 to offer them a book deal? That would seem to make sense to me. Is this how the 50 shades woman got her start? On the other hand, are agents and publishers wary of the development, feeling sidelined? Or looking arrogantly at what they consider to be no-hopers, struggling to be recognised? I remember years ago phoning an agent, being told they weren’t taking on any new authors, then snarling, ‘that’s you settled then!’ and slamming the phone down. Maybe the arrogant attitude of a minority of agents needs pricking. After all, they’ve had the upper hand for a very long time.

So Doppelganger will be on the way soon, will keep you posted.

Rock’n’Roll Suicide and


2 thoughts on “Agents have had the upper hand for a long time

  1. I think a practical book on ‘how to do it’ around the house is a great idea. Keep it to-the-point & easy to follow, and stick it on for 99p!

    I’ve heard that agents aren’t interested in your success on Amazon until you’ve sold 10,000 books at the very least – more like 50,000. No – don’t ask me, I don’t discuss sales figures with other authors, in the same way as I don’t ask people how much they earn! Agents don’t want to be sent your Amazon links, either. Most of them judge the book on the submission they get from the writer alone. Or so I hear; I haven’t made any submissions to agents since I self-published.

    There are so many theories about what agents think/don’t think, where it’s all heading, etc, and to be truthful I don’t read many as they’re mostly just speculation. I’m sure if you Google the subject you can read all the different theories!!


  2. I think a DIY book is a great idea, Geoffrey. And you are so right about the animal thing. I think true ‘animal people’ are recognised by animals and have an instant bond. I don’t think you can develop it. You either have it or you don’t. As an ex dog groomer I have seen it many times. Dogs which other groomers had turned away, settled immediately with me. I consider it a blessing. Just got to get the message across to my new kitty that she really shouldn’t be climbing the Christmas tree that I’ve just put up!!! I think it may take more than telepathy!!


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