Self publishing

This is just a brief account of how I am trying to sell my crime thriller Rock’n’roll Suicide.  Just a few weeks ago I hadn’t got a clue about Kindle, Smashwords or any other kind of E book self publishing.  Then I went to a lunch and met Truda Thurai, who had published her own book, and also Rachael Hale, who is a keen blogger, and both of them advised me about Twitter, and the prospects of self publishing.

So I went ahead and did it.  downloaded the guides for kindle and Smashwords, and loaded up my book according to their advice, coupled with the endless help of Martin Johnson, whom I happened to meet on Twitter.  Martin told me what to download and how to do things, and I did it.  And it seemed to work.
Now is the hard part, trying to sell my book.  You’re supposed to tweet little adverts for it, but not too much, or you bore people.  You’re supposed to retweet other people, which I’m glad to do, but recently discovered I’m doing it too much, maybe boring people with a raft of retweets.

And now I’m starting my first blog.  Terry Tyler is another Twitter friend who is helping me too, kindly giving me lots of advice.

But it feels a bit like being outside in a freezing wind without a coat, and everyone else wrapped up warm.  It’s all very strange, very alien.  But the only way to combat it is to have a go.

So this is my first blog.


One thought on “Self publishing

  1. GW, it’s the same for everyone, honest! I’d never tweeted until I brought out You Wish on Kindle only a year ago – a friend told me I ought to use Twitter to promote it, and get a Facebook author page. I didn’t even know about Goodreads until someone told me my books were on there and she’d reviewed one of them – and that was only in about April of this year!

    I hadn’t got a clue, a year ago. The first time someone retweeted me I thought it was something totally amazing! I made all sorts of faux pas, too – which is one of the reasons why I wrote that blog, Twitter Tips for Beginners, to try to help others NOT make them! Now you’ve actually got that book out, it might be worth reading it again, Geoff – I keep updating it as more bits of advice come to mind!

    I want you to sit back and think about the fact that a year ago I had one book out, and I’d probably sold about 30 copies of it. I now have 4 books and am half way through the fitth, and I won’t tell you how many I’ve sold because, to me, that equates to telling someone how much you earn! I didn’t even have a blog until March this year, when I got together old posts I’d made on Facebook and MySpace and shoved them all together because, yes, I finally succumbed to the idea that it might be an idea to have one. It’s kinda useful for letting people know when you have a new book out, to thank people for help during a promotion, and to write about all sorts of other odds and sods too. I’ve now got 87 blog followers – how the hell did that happen??!!

    Remember – you don’t HAVE to blog religiously, either. I hear there is something of a backlash now, within the group of people who started studiously blogging every day as though their lives depended on it, because they’d heard that it helps sell books. I hear many are now starting to realise that it makes more sense to spend that time on the novels themselves, and only blog when you have something to say. Oh – I read about this alleged backlash on a blog post, by the way!

    Main thing is that we all have to start somewhere! May your books be well reviewed, your blog posts of interest, and your tweets retweeted!!!! 🙂


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